Mitigating Yard Risk


Traditionally, the bulk of yard management problems have essentially resulted from a lack of intelligence about prioritizing shipment arrivals, identifying trailer contents, managing yard jockey activity, standardizing yard processes, reducing the time needed to allocate vehicles to loads and avoiding unnecessary trailer movement.

Other yard and or dock logistics issues include difficulty controlling expenses, outdated communications methods, idle personnel, and high labor costs.

Compounding inefficiencies in the yard and at the dock include a heavy reliance on manual labor to perform a variety of tasks that could otherwise be automated, paper-based tracking resulting in low availability of real-time management intelligence and too much time spent communicating with drivers, vendors, brokers and customers.

Crawford Transportation & More will use its extensive freight management experience to implement the collection, analysis and management of data that is critical to the optimization of your yard, docks and freight operations.

Crawford Transportation & More understands our client’s most critical logistics problems in the yard and at the dock, such as costly detention charges, inefficient processes and security. Crawford Transportation & More has put in place safety and security measures as a first step to addressing these problems, and looks to optimize these processes as part of its authority and yard hostling services.